Combine with

Sports or Cultural Activities

Improve your language skills while having fun: Combine your language training with sports or cultural activities. You can practice your favorit sport or try something new. Choose your number of language hours plus 3 hours of the following activities per week:

Language & Culture

Enjoy this amazing city by your accompanied cultural activities. You choose the places you would like to see.

Language & Horse Riding

Girls love horses – so try this experience and feel free on the back of these cute animals. Our horse trainer Stacy is a experienced and warm-hearted teacher.

Language & Tennis

Keep playing your favorite sport tennis while you are studying your foreign language. Beginner or advanced, your kind tennis trainer will give you your perfect lessons in a modern tennis hall or on the outdoor place.

Language & Diving

Enjoy this amazing sport activity with one of the best diving teachers in Berlin and choose between freediving and scuber diving. Find out more about Jessica here.