Language Tuition

You are a female student, who really wants to improve your German language skills? 

This is the best way!

  • Improve your German language skills intensively in a one-to-one tuition
  • Learn specific vocabulary and phrases necessary for your university courses or upcoming job
  • Actively learn and speak the language and not to study grammar rules only
  • Receive individual help to overcome the burocratical hurdles while moving to Germany
  • Get an awareness of the cultural differences

The language training concept will be designed individually for you and will provide you perfectly with the skills you need. Your choose how many hours of tuition you want per week. The lessons take part regularly in the morning. The afternoons are free to add accompanied sports respectively cultural activities or discover Berlin on your own.

The Training Concept

Based on my idea of a „Lingutrainment“-concept (Linguistic, Training and Entertainment), I improve your language skills and cultural knowledge

  • on a multisensorical way (hear, feel, see, speak),
  • by a selected method mix (text work, listening comprehension, learning games)
  • discussing and reflecting the learning matter
  • constantly repeating the content of teaching on a creative and versatile way
  • while keeping the joy alive.

The training is a mixture of giving lectures, excursions, exercises and auto didactical learning phases.